The Northern Plains People

The Northern Plains People is a merging of several smaller tribes. Borne of necessity, this collaboration was the only major adversary to the The Loose Fang Tribe. Although the Loose Fang Tribe were an aggressive people, the Northern Plains People are not innocent.

Survival on the plains was tough. It took a hardened spirit to endure the freezing winters, the low amount of food, and the competition for resources. Not as prolific in driving out smaller tribes, like the Loose Fang, the Northern Plains People did adopt a “join us or die” attitude. Smaller farmsteads were forcibly taken over as part of their territory.

The Northern Plains People had a territory that far out reached the Loose Fang Tribe but was not as densely populated as the Loose Fang Tribe. For this reason, they also lacked a banner or a great deal of unity/identity.


In order to gain the upper hand, they ended up asking for martial assistance from a local lord, from the Clain McDonald. Resembling highlanders with their kilts and bagpipes, the Clan McDonald was predominately 2-3 families.

This alliance provide to be both beneficial and destructive to the Northern Plains People. On one hand, it helped dominate the landscape and drive the Loose Fang into smaller pockets. On the other hand, they know owed a great deal of their resources and alliagences to the Clan McDonald. Destroying much of their sovreignty.

The Northern Plains People

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