The Loose Fang Tribe

The “Loose Fang Tribe” is a highly disorganized collection of smaller camps of orcs that existed amongst the plains. They tend towards aggression and differ from typical orcs in a few different ways:

  • Even by orc-standards their teeth are large. It is common for fangs to jut out over lips and severe underbites create a look of mish-mashed teeth.
  • Less husky, their more atheletic builds are due to their existance on plains. Large distances need to be covered for food, territory or even battle. Short, burst fighters were not as successful in the long term as endurance fighters.
  • Their skin tended towards green. Some orcs skin tones could vary from tan, to grey to green. Most of the Loose Fang Tribe tends to obvious shades of green.
  • Their existances on the plains was more reliant on skills than fighting. Althought, more war-like in relative to other civilizations in the plains, when compared to orcs in other lands they tend to shine as more craftsmen and skilled.

Loose fang

Most follow the teachings of Grummush, and a few prey to Orcus even though he is not traditionally a diety. Some followers of natural dieties can be found

A large component of the orcs tend to be hunters or raiders. Not very successful at farming, they tend to raze the land of resources and migrate in a pattern. This sometimes causes conflict with other groups in the area, hence their trend toward battle.

They ended up squeezing many smaller tribed out of the region and became a main adversary to the The Northern Plains People. Their collective is predominately orcs. There are never goblins (as they are seen as weak liabilities) but randomly a savage human, a few ogres and very rarely a bugbear could be seen in the mix.

Their culture is barbaric. And they don’t really seek to create alliances unless it’s necessary to quelch another civilization. Fearsome fighters, Loose Fang Orcs are rarely ever taken prisoner.

The Loose Fang Tribe

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