Exposed Skulls

Throughout the campaign the concept of characters/creatures pulling the skin off their face has been present. The theories surrounding this practice follow:

1) Removing the face to remove the skin from the face to expose as much of the skull as possible mimics the predatory characteristic of the krenshar. Krenshars can best be described as a cross between a wolf and a leopard. They are renown for their ability to flex the muscles in their face to expose their skull, much like the frilled lizard in Australia. This is an exaggerated tactic to the facial design of the tiger. When the tiger growls and roars, the color pattern of the fur, eyes and inside of the mouth are evolutionarily designed to cause prey to hesitate out of shock. The characters who engage in this behavior (it is assumed) are attempting to have the same effect in battle.

2) Followers of this practice include prophets and shamans. Religious and spiritual leaders who claim that this practice sheds the individual of the fabricated stress and anxiety that the “real world” attempts to drown you in. Only once your true self has been exposed can you accept serenity into your life. It is ritual to expose your soul.

3) Most prevalent in execution and mainstream culture is that this practice also acts as a religious totem. It is a symbol of fear and undead. It represents walking dead as well as shocks any enemies.

Exposed Skulls

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