Dixmont "Dixie" LaLaurie

Quick tempered, female half-orc. Xena meets Red Sonja ... more like "Green Sonja"....


Mobile melee fighter. Not a lot of AC, not a lot of HP … but she’ll bring the fight directly to you …

Her name “Dixmont” is inspired by the “Dixmont State Hospital” (wikipage to Dixmont State Hospital). It is a haunted insane assylum in Western Pennsylvania.

Her last name “LaLaurie” comes from the “LaLaruie House” (Wikipage to LaLaurie house) in Louisiana. In 1808, it belonged to a socialite Delphine and her husband Leonard, who was a surgeon. One day their house caught fire. When the fire department arrived, they discovered it have been begun by one of their slaves. The slave started the fire to bring attention to the activities going on in the house. Fire personnel discovered slaves who had been surgically experimented on, including a cook that was permanently chained to the stove and a man who had his joints broken and reset to force him to walk on all fours like a crab. The LaLaurie’s escaped in the fire.

Her maul is beautiful and ornate. She has named it “Manson.” When she was working as a bouncer on the docks, a regular left it to her in his will. She has no real emotional connection to it. Only knowing that she can kick a lot of ass with it.
Dixie with manson


Dixmont is quiet and quick to throw a punch. If she deals non-lethal … it means she likes you. Quick to laugh and joke, but her presence makes many people feel uncomfortable.

Dixmont "Dixie" LaLaurie

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