A Time of Troubles

First Session - Bryanna's journal #1

I should have known better. Meeting that wizard on the road out of town was too much of a chance. Balenthor is his name. But who can really trust a wizard?
I remember the look on his face, meeting me as I was running those errands for my father. Like I am nothing but a hired messenger! I am an adult! I have hunted with some of the best warriors in the area! I have tracked those orcs when no one else could find them. And then taken them out. Twang….that was the last sound they heard.
In hindsight, Balenthor knew just what to say. “You are too good to be wasting your time and effort here” “I have an urgent need for someone of your skill”….all music to my ears.
And now look at me. Stuck in some horrible zombie ridden future with the other ‘Battleskirts’. I do like that name though!
How am I supposed to deal with Sir Otis? I killed him in the past….errr his future! How did he get back there to try and warn us? Maybe we can go with him? What would happen if I go back and see myself? Can I warn myself? Owwww, my head hurts thinking like this!
At least I like Dixie, Naya, and Blackjack. If you get stuck in some future zombie land – it’s good to have people who will watch your back. Sure we need to keep an eye on Dixie. And yes her mouth will definitely get us in trouble. But man can she swing that Maul!
Naya sure is handy to have with us. Being able to make fresh water, that is priceless. And of course Druids are so easy to understand. They ‘get’ nature! Oh to be able to cleanse the taint of zombies from this land! I feel like my destiny is driving me to this!
Blackjack is funny. I haven’t spent a lot of time around halflings. They are cute. And she is pretty good at being stealthy! I like sneaking up on things. We have that in common.
I wonder what those imps were doing in the tomb of General Olric? Who sent them to steal that other portion of the obsidian rod? And how did that start the zombie infestation?
What is wrong with people? That business at the Inn of the Green Oak, kinda freaks me out. I understand people are hungry – but really? They can’t find anything else to eat? Uggghhh, makes me want to hurl.
I need to get some sleep – need to figure out what we are going to do at Blackwell Keep….


LOL. She really sounds like a ditz here, was that intentional?


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