A Time of Troubles


Dixmont LaLaurie
A lot has happened.
I don’t get it.

We killed the cannibals. I got a straight pelvis shot to the brother with grey in his beard!

Blackwell keep (Writing becomes scribbly.)
(Eventually just scribbles.)

(A few stick figures are discernible.)

Sir Otis.

I wanted to stay at the Inn but I was out voted. (Small scribble of an orc frowning face)

If you stay in high end places you meet people in the higher end.

We get food for three days.

I met a fortune teller.

That b**ch Bryana thinks she’s so tough.

(Literally, just a pattern of lines.)

They have stables. I find peace there. Naya is great to hang out with. Cooper is treated more like an equal than a pet.

Praxozaltes. That name haunts me.
He is in the mouth of lunacy.
The prophet is accurate.
And we are but pebbles for the Demon of Neverdeath to tread on.
“The face of bones.
15 screaming mouths
Bring forth your true face
The Demon of Neverdeath will master our lords.
And kill our children.
…in feast.”

(More scribbles.)

(A few stick figures.)

Ha ha.

A magic maul. So delicious in my hands (Scratched out attempt at drawing a hammer).

We have the rod.

The krenshar are hunting (“me” is scratched out) us.

The Loose Fang Tribe are alive. They are awake.

(Stick figures.)

I am not to leave the rod.

Bryanna IS one tough b**ch. I like her.

(Nothing but scribbles and stick figures.)

I saw the face of the Faceless One. He sent an image.
He sent a patrol.

Bryanna, (“Priscilla” is scratched out) Blackjack, and Naya all stood by me.

Maybe because they (“had to” is scratched out and the sentence ends there)…

They don’t understand how useless it is to fight Praxozaltes. The King of Endless Laughter.
“His army is lead by krenshar.
They that worship, peel the skin from their face …
So, as to show their true neverdeath under this fragile life.
Come to the endless slaughter.
Come to the endless laughter.”(More stick figures.)

(This time two of the stick figures have “Naya” and “Blackjack” written under them.)

We are sent by Sir Otis to see the capital and Balenthor.
Maybe I have hope.

(A drawing of maul. It is drawn to look magical, with wings and glowing.)

(A couple of blank pages)

(Eventually, a two-page spread shows a drawing of stick figures.)

(It ties all the scribbles together. Many of the drawings were orcs pillaging villages. A small figure is always Dixie. And she’s crying. A large orc with sketches meant to be his exposed skull. Even in earlier stick figure drawings you can see a small Dixie crying and being attacked by wolf-like monsters.)

(In the bottom right-hand corner she has written a word very tiny…)




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